Today is the day

April 23.

This date has been on my mind for weeks.  It’s been the day that I’ve don the “I have x-number of days until _____” calculation in my head so many times I’m an old pro at mental math now.  Today is that day.  I have zero days left. Today I drive to Jesup, GA to do a Vipassana Mediation Retreat for ten days.


For ten days, I will be sleeping, eating, and meditating.

And not much else.  No talking.  No writing.  No reading.  No yoga.  No iPhones.  No alcohol.  No NetFlix.


I’m excited, scared, nervous, relieved, and energized all at the same time.

I’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks.  On this blog and in my life in general.  Soon after I signed up for the retreat back in March, everything became quieter.  More listening and thinking and less talking and writing.  I don’t know exactly what I’m getting myself into but it will definitely be an adventure.

If you’re interested in Vipassana, find more information here.

Be back in ten days!

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